Does Your Child Need Tutoring?

Most children can benefit from extra help at some point in their education. Understanding the reasons why you should get a tutor and whether your child needs one specifically, are important factors to consider. Let’s look over the reasons your child may need a tutor so that you can choose wisely.

Your Child Can’t Work with You (or vice versa)

You love your child, of course, but it can be very difficult to tutor your own child because many emotions come up for many people when it comes to math. Children experience a myriad of thoughts and concerns when they feel that they have disappointed you. This can cause them to shut down when you offer your assistance because they don\’t want to let you down.

When your child is in public school, you have to remember that you must teach your child to do things the system\’s way, even if your methods work. Oftentimes, students are tested on methodology, as well as accuracy.

This can be a challenging concept to understand for both parents and children, and can cause a lot of friction. If trying to help your child with math is causing your child stress, hire a tutor.

Your Child’s Grades Are Falling, or They Don’t Get Good Grades

If your child previously received good marks and their grades start going down, it’s time to consider hiring a tutor.

There could be a fundamental concept your child has missed that is causing the problem, and a professional tutor, like those at Thrive Preparatory Academy, can identify that issue and help them get back in the saddle.

Likewise, someone might not get good grades right from the start in some subjects, like math. If that is the case, you should get a tutor as soon as you see a pattern or a problem. You may also want to talk to your child’s teacher to find out if they believe there is something you can do.

Your Child Can Do It When Pressed but Lacks Confidence

Here is where hiring a tutor can be most beneficial. Someone who isn\’t a family member can help your child gain the confidence they need, by reinforcing previous knowledge and the positive encouragement she receives from you.

It’s not your fault if your child\’s confidence suffers because of their experiences. You have the unique opportunity to help him turn things around and develop emotional intelligence skills to deal with challenges into adulthood.

Make sure that you hire a tutor that will will help your child feel like they can do it and are smart enough to learn; rather than focusing on the obstacles. Most professional tutors will work directly with the child’s teacher and school to ensure instructions match as closely as possible to avoid confusion.

If you have identified any of these factors for your child, consider hiring a tutor. Today, you can find a tutor that will work remotely using their computer and a camera to conduct the tutoring sessions. This makes it much easier for working parents with non-driving children to take advantage of professional tutoring in math.


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