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  • Krystal K. (Parent)

    Thrive is a place where your child can be embraced and loved where they are until they get to where they're suppose to be. Unique environment that improves a child's self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

  • Lavonna M. (Parent)

    You, Mrs. Taylor, are so phenomenal and your professionalism speaks volumes. We appreciate you. Hearing my son say he loves school again is worth more than anything! Your heart for moms like me is something only God could have created for the up-building of strong minds, we love you Mrs Taylor thank you so very much.

  • Darryl M. (Student)

    I  disliked it so much, that I would cheat, lie, and even skip doing my math. But you turned it all around. The day of class, when we got ready to leave, I didn't want to go. I thought it would be just the same, boring, confusing, old stuff that I never wanted to do. Jeez was I wrong.  You, Mrs. Taylor, were so much different. You teach me stuff I never knew, (mostly because I didn't do it...) things I struggle with, things that were boring to me, you made it so much different for me! The way you explain things to me and all of the class, how you act to all of us, how we play games, the list goes on and on! 

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